Deciding to get a dog. Essential reading for prospective dog owners.

Puppy playing with toys

Puppies - the cutest things in the world.

Who doesn't love a puppy, they've been used to great effect in many advertisements as those 'Mad Men' knew we'd fall in love with them at first sight and feel all warm inside.

I want one!

  • What Breed?
  • What colour?
  • What size?
  • What sex?
  • What cost?
  • When??? Now!!

Slow down there, there's a lot to consider.

Should I get a dog? / Should we get a dog?

There comes a point in most peoples lives when they ask themselves if getting a dog is a good idea.

Before you go down the rabbit hole of cute puppy eyes staring back at you from numerous Instagram photos, and spend hour upon hour watching YouTube dog videos I'm afraid there's a lot to consider first.

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