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Walter at Eroica Britannia 2017


Dog; Golden Labrador, male. Protector of the house.

"I am the dog of this house, the big dog!

My humans ask me if I'm a good boy, woof yes I am. They know it, and the always say I'm the bestest boy. Well, as I'm the bestest boy I'd thought I'd better create the Best Dogs Blog, by the best dog for all the other dogs online, who are the best dogs too."

and Family

Puddin giving us a wink



Cat; Domestic, female. Boss of the house.

"Puuuurrrrrr, food? Meow, puuuurrrr. Sleep, purrrr."

Laura with Walter on a camping trip



Human; female. Lady of the house.

"Some text Needs To Go Here"

Stewart looking proud as he walking Walter as a puppy



Human; male. Master of the house.

"I've had dogs and cats around the house all my life, while sometimes they can be trouble for most of the time they're a joy. Enriching our lives on a daily basis, I love them all."

Walter in Woolacombe.

Walter lies on a beach mat
Walter sits with Laura in a cliff top park
Walter watches the sea
Stewart plays with Walter in the sea
Laura and Walter paddling at the beach
Walter looks at the feet of Stewart and Laura on the beach

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