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Who's a good boy? About.

Walter is a good boy, and Walter is the inspiration for this website.

Walter's humans refer to him as 'the bestest boy' when he responds to 'who's a good boy?' question.

Those humans are as daft as, er, cats!?!

Walter does live with his best pal 'Puddin', who is a cat; and two humans, a man one 'Stewart' and a woman one 'Laura'.

Walkies? Blog articles.

The Best Dog has many blog posts, with information from:

"Should I/we get a dog?"


"Who did this! Was it you?..."

You'll find a whole bunch of information in our articles, and if you're good, an extra treat ot two.

You say treats? Portfolios.

This place is a celebration of all things dog, and any friends of dog that may come and go along the way.

We'll be featuring articles and guest spots from all of Walter's friends and making them famous, as they should be.

For the love of dogs (and cats, and other pets).

Some blog articles to get you started:

Deciding to get a dog.

Should I get a dog? / Should we get a dog?

There comes a point in most peoples lives when they ask themselves if getting a dog is a good idea.

Before you go down the rabbit hole of cute puppy eyes staring back at you from numerous Instagram photos, and spend hour upon hour watching YouTube dog videos I'm afraid there's a lot to consider first.

What breed to get.

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Naming your dog.

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Featuring, our superstar friends:


Puddin is Walter's best friend in the whole world.

Though she is a cat, Puddin was in the house first and from day one they were, and still are the best of pals.

Puddin is a domestic short haired cat and was given a home with us many years ago from the fantastic folks at the RSPCA Stapeley Grange.


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If you have in interest in writing articles and would like to feature your bestest boy (or girl) on our Best Dogs Blog then please let us know.